Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Tunneling

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In mechanized tunnelling, a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) installs concrete segments and is becoming a more common method in the tunnelling world.
Particularly in urban areas or geologically difficult situations, the use of a TBM is a very attractive option. Mechanized tunnelling has increased continuously for over 30 years.

In conventional tunnelling, the tunnel is mechanically excavated by different methods (drill & blast, full face excavation, ...) and fibre reinforced spray concrete is used to stabilize the opening. When the temporary lining is fully stabilized, a permanent cast in place concrete lining can be installed to contain long-term loads, and provide durability and water tightness.

  Application Product
Shotcrete.png Temporary Lining (spray concrete)
Precast Segments.png Segment Reinforcement
Shotcrete.png Final Lining (spray concrete)
Final Lining.png Shaft & Cast in Place Lining
  Fire Resistance


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