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Hybrid solution with fiber reinforced concrete and glass fiber reinforced polymer rebars for precast tunnel segments

B. De Rivas
BMUS – Bekaert-Maccaferri Underground Solutions, Belgium
N. Giamundo
ATP srl, Italy
A. Meda, Z. Rinaldi & S. Spagnuolo
Tunnelling Engineering Research Centre, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy

ABSTRACT: The interest in using fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) for the production of
precast segments in tunnel lining, installed with Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), is continuously
growing, as witnessed by the studies available in literature and by the actual applications.
The possibility of adopting a hybrid solution of FRC tunnel segments with GFRP
reinforcement is investigated herein. Full-scale tests were carried out on FRC segments with
and without GFRP cage, with a typical geometry of metro tunnels In particular, both flexural
and point load full-scale tests were carried out, for the evaluation of the structural performances
(both in terms of structural capacity and crack pattern evolution) under bending, and
under the TBM thrust. Finally, the obtained results are compared, in order to judge the effectiveness
of the proposed technical solution.