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Precast Tunnel Segments in Concrete Reinforced with Steel Fibres

SFRC in Segmental Lining

The loading tests, object of the present report, are carried out on precast tunnel segments in FRC produced in the Laboratory of Materials and Structures of the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The segments were cast by using segment moulds typically used in metro tunnels.

The tests have been carried out on precast segments characterized by a thickness of 300 mm, a length of about 2000 mm and a width of about 1400 mm

Two different kinds of tests were performed, as described in the following:

  •  a flexural test simulating the behaviour of the segments when loaded under bending
  •  a test simulating the point loads effects on the segments, produced by the TBM machine during the digging phase.


The tests were performed on two elements made in concrete without traditional reinforcement, with a fibre content equal to 40 kg/m³.

Fibre used in test:  Dramix® 4D 8060BG 

Full report available: