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Twenty years of FRC tunnel final lining: Lessons learnt, design proposal and new development

B. De Rivaz
Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions, Erembodegem-Aalst, Belgium

ABSTRACT: New guideline concerning the use of FRC precast segment has been recently
published to provide detail state of the art (ACI, FIB, ITA) and design proposal based on
Model Code 2010. This paper will provide an overview of the lessons learnt and proposed
design principle. The behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete is more than a simple superposition
of the characteristics of the concrete matrix and the fibres. A unique concept of fibre has been
developed which combined: high tensile strength + perfect anchorage (double hook) + ductile
wire. This unique post cracking behaviour has been used to design very innovative solution.
Three projects will be presented in this paper: the inner lining of Lee Tunnel in UK submit to
internal pressure, the Jansen Mine shaft in Canada where shaft walls are slip formed and CIP
tunnel in Turkey. All the design approach has been supported by a specific testing program.