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Since its first use in the early 70s fibre reinforcement has been successfully applied in numerous projects all over the world for underground. Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is one of the most used support methods used in the following  underground applications of concrete: 

Spray concrete lining    Precast Segments Cast in Place final lining Mining
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This Engineering Corner will support designers, contractors and clients on the use of FRC, both in tunnelling and mining. It's an interactive knowledge platform dedicated to the use of FRC in tunnelling and mining. 

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For more info download our technical handbooks:

Tunnelling Applications_ SHOTCRETE_REINFORCEMENT-cover.jpgTunnelling Applications_CONCRETE_SEGMENT_REINFORCEMENT-cover.jpgBekaert - Brochure - Tunnelling applications, Fibre Reinforced Cast in place - 2020 - cover.jpg Bekaert - Tunnelling Applications_Permanent Spray Concrete Lining brochure - cover.jpg  







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